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Welcome to MCTC Events a part of Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre, a counselling and Training Organisation based in Macclesfield, South Manchester, Cheshire.

As an innovative Northwest Based Counselling and Training Service, we aim to offer a professional, ethical and affordable Counselling service which can be accessed quickly and privately, and which will not compromise on the quality or the experience of your counselling relationship.

We offer counselling for individuals, couples, young people and adolescents, with many of our referrals contacting us directly, whilst also working successfully with a number of national organisations wishing to enlist the services of our counsellors.

In addition to our counselling service, we have been providing an extensive, up to date and evolving Continuing Professional Development Service for Qualified and Students Counsellors, wishing to enhance their practice and knowledge by gaining invaluable skills and experience.

All our trainers and speakers are highly experienced professionals and share a continuing passion for enhancing the practice of other helping professionals, by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience, and importantly providing a relaxed and enjoyable forum for learning.

Due to the success and demand for our Continuing Professional Development training programme, it seemed like a natural progression to extend our programme Nationwide and to include conferences for a range of helping professionals wishing to access further development and knowledge in the presence of prominent speakers, who specialise in their field.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our site, and also you may wish to browse not only both historic and future events at MCTC, but also find of interest the various developments of our service.

Upcoming Events

MT 1. A Voice Without Words…. | February 23, 2018

A presentation on Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

Presenter: Helen Rose MBACP Accred. BA Hons Coun. PG Cert Sup. EMDR levels 1-4. Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

CPD Points: 3

Helen has over 16 years experience practising as a therapist, supervisor and trainer and has worked extensively as a therapist trainer and supervisor along side practitioners whom have practised in ‘high intensity work. Helen is passionate about promoting practitioner self care in order to minimise the affects of fatigue, burnout and the prevention of secondary traumas which can ultimately be a detriment to our own emotional resilience and well being.


Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Vicarious Trauma descriptions that can often be seen as taboo subjects, but what do they really mean and do we really recognise them both in others and also in ourselves

An informative and inspirational talk for all practitioners working closely and intimately with our clients in the face of suffering, human pain and crisis…

Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling March 2018. | March 3, 2018

6 days course x 3 weekends

EVENT SUMMARY: This practical insightful experiential and theoretical course, offers essential theoretical understanding, experiential and practical skills training into the different dynamics, concepts and therapeutic skills and practice requirements when working within the dynamics of a couples counselling relationship.

TRAINER / PRESENTER INFO: Trainer: Joan Manville. Counsellor, Psychosexual Therapist & Trainer. Dip Couples Couns. Dip Creative Arts/Therapeutic Process. Dip Management. Cert Teaching.

Joan Manville has worked as both a Relate Counsellor, Relate Trainer and Training Manager since 1990, and now currently works as a freelance trainer and Training co-ordinator.

WEEKEND 1 – Day One & Two - 3RD & 4TH March 2018.

DAY 1 EVENT DESCRIPTION: A theoretical and experiential introduction to Relationship & Couples Counselling. This day will explore the relationship fit theory & 3 stage model and attachment styles. Mediums of learning will be through lecture, experiential exercises, skills practice and group discussion.


10.00 – 4.00pm

SECOND DAY EVENT: Types of relationships and life stages, recognising relationship assumptions and working with conflict and communication difficulties within the relationship.

DAY 2 EVENT DESCRIPTION: Day 2 involves an exploration of the different types of relationship fits, life stages of relationships and an exploration the assumptions and expectations that couples bring to their relationships. Day 2 will also explore the many different types of family systems and systems theories in couples counselling.


10.00am – 4.00pm

WEEKEND TWO: Day Three & Four 17TH & 18TH March 2018.

DAY 3. Exploration of Pinch Crunch model. Building on from the previous learning gained from days 1 and 2, day 3 will continue to explore the different mediums for understanding and helping couples to resolve historical conflict whilst enabling the counsellor to understand his or her role in the triad relationship.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Day 3 will explore through role plays and experiential activities the core skills required to facilitate the couples understanding of how conflict is managed, through exploration of the ‘Pinches and Crunches’ which impact their relationship.


10.00am – 4.00pm

DAY 4 Working with couples exploring their intimate sexual relationship and how to assess and understand how to make a ‘good’ referral to a psychosexual counsellor. Day 4 will also explore the many myths associated with sexual relationships and explore the counsellors understanding and ease when using different types of sexual references when working with couples.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: This day will enhance your ability to communicate more confidently and increase your ability to talk without embarrassment to couples about their intimate relationship. Importantly this workshop will enable participants whom work with couples to recognise, and explore the dynamics of Primary and Secondary sexual dysfunctions for both male and female clients and develop the ability to make a ‘good referral’ to a sex therapist/psychosexual therapist if needed


10.00 – 4.00pm

WEEKEND THREE: Day Five & 6 - 7TH/8TH April 2018.

DAY 5. Can We Repair After the Affair. Day 1: Can we Repair After the Affair

This practical insightful experiential and theoretical master class, offers essential experiential and practical skills training into the different dynamics, concepts and therapeutic skills required when working as a relationship counsellor when part of the partnership is undertaking or undertaken an affair.

A theoretical and experiential master class which will explore the relationship difficulties that couples may be experiencing due to issues related to affair. Areas explored will be communication, developing new rules and boundaries, trust and repair and the use of Fishers re-building theory. Learning will be through lecture, experiential exercises, skills practice and group discussion.

DAY 6 Endings in Couples Counselling, Life stage issues and how to help a couple end their relationship. Day 5 will explore the significance of the counsellor’s role when a couple choose to end their relationship.

DAY 6 EVENT DESCRIPTION: This final day will explore Fishers rebuilding theory, and the different dynamics of how to help a couple amicably end their relationship. This day will also explore the blocks to listening to our partners and the impact of the absence of empathy, attachment theories and maintaining a ‘good enough’ relationship and what happens when a relationship has to end.

Learner Assessment

Learner Assessment: In addition to your learning on the course and skills practice, to support your learning and future practice, participants are asked throughout the duration of the course to complete a number of external tasks which are relevant to practicing as a couple and relationship counsellor. These will include a review / research of:
* Contracts in Couples and Relationship counselling
* Boundaries
* Ethical considerations
* Theoretical approaches
*A short book review of your choice.


Pricing:  £570.00   - 

Deposit: £250.00  Remaining Balance: £320.00 payable on 1stday.

Includes: Registration and tea break refreshments.

Course Materials and certificate of practice, subject to 90%


Delegates subject to successful completion will be awarded 41 hours of specialised CPD training in Couples and Relationship Counselling.

Available Spaces: All Seats Reserved

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