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Welcome to MCTC Events a part of Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre, a counselling and Training Organisation based in Macclesfield, South Manchester, Cheshire.

As an innovative Northwest Based Counselling and Training Service, we aim to offer a professional, ethical and affordable Counselling service which can be accessed quickly and privately, and which will not compromise on the quality or the experience of your counselling relationship.

We offer counselling for individuals, couples, young people and adolescents, with many of our referrals contacting us directly, whilst also working successfully with a number of national organisations wishing to enlist the services of our counsellors.

In addition to our counselling service, we have been providing an extensive, up to date and evolving Continuing Professional Development Service for Qualified and Students Counsellors, wishing to enhance their practice and knowledge by gaining invaluable skills and experience.

All our trainers and speakers are highly experienced professionals and share a continuing passion for enhancing the practice of other helping professionals, by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience, and importantly providing a relaxed and enjoyable forum for learning.

Due to the success and demand for our Continuing Professional Development training programme, it seemed like a natural progression to extend our programme Nationwide and to include conferences for a range of helping professionals wishing to access further development and knowledge in the presence of prominent speakers, who specialise in their field.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our site, and also you may wish to browse not only both historic and future events at MCTC, but also find of interest the various developments of our service.

Upcoming Events

MT: 3 The Anxiety Master: | April 27, 2018

Presenter Matthew Addie

The Anxiety Master: April

Presenter Matthew Addie – The Anxiety Master


Matt has specialised in working with anxiety-based issues since 2013. In this presentation, Matt will give some background to his work which is strongly influenced by current trends in neuroscience and provide some simple but effective tools that can benefit many anxious clients.

MT 4: Working with Interpersonal Trauma and Sexual Violence | May 18, 2018

Presenter: Helen Rose: MBACP Accred. BA Hons Coun. PG Cert Sup. EMDR levels 1-4. Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

Helen has worked with individuals as a therapist, trainer and supervisor with survivors of interpersonal trauma and sexual violence since 2006, Helen now acts as a trustee within a specialist organisation focusing on the effects of interpersonal trauma and victims of crime.

The dynamics of interpersonal trauma and it’s impact are highly complex. Creating a secure base within our therapeutic relationships and maintaining our own understanding of our therapeutic process and understanding of interpersonal trauma is fundamental in being able to connect and reach our clients beyond the damaging effects of human neglect, abuse and betrayal.

A enlightening presentation which will offer insight and key reflections to enhance our practice when working with individuals affected by interpersonal trauma.

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